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Moravian Star Lights

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Moravian Star Lights and Moravian Star Pendant Light Fixtures

Our quality Moravian Star Lights  create elegant rustic lighting in your living room or outside on your porch. They can be configured as Moravean star pendent light fixtures or used as plug in style lamp. We carry punched tin star light fixtures with flowercut or star cut designs. Moravian Metal Stars come in bronze or silver finish. Besides the metal star lights, we also carry a large selection of Moravian stars in glass with all kinds of glass and frame color options. All of our Mexican star fixtures are individually handmade by Mexican artisans. The quality and design of our authentic hanging star lamps is outstanding. Rustic lighting at its best!

Please check out each Moravian Star Light Fixture Categorie below as we offer a wide variety of star pendant and star lamp styles.

Every Star Light Fixture is custom wired in the USA with UL-approved lighting parts. We offer a variety of wiring options on the Moravian star light fixtures product detail page. We can wire your Moravian star for table lamp use or hard wire it for mounting directly to your ceiling box so you may use it as a hanging pendant star light fixture.

Moravian Star Light Fixture Sizes: All star light fixtures are hand made and some slight variations have to be expected. Our quality control efforts with our artists in Mexico have paid off and produced consistent results. So how do we measure the lamps? We measure from tip to tip diagonal across. We do not measure the hanging loop. If you wanted to measure one yourself, put the star light on a flat surface, I suggest a large enough table, and hold the star so only one tip touches the table and the opposite sides tip points straight up towards the ceiling. If you now measure from the table surface to the highest reaching point you will get an accurate measurement.

Featured Moravian Star Lights in Glass

Moravian Star Pendant Light, Frosted Glass, Silver Frame, 12 Moravian Star Pendant, Glue Chip Glass, Bronze Frame, 16 Moravian Star Pendant Light, Clear Glass, Bronze Frame, 12
11FG-S 13VG-C 11CG-B

Moravian Star Pendant Light, Frosted Glass, Silver Frame, 12"

Moravian Star Pendant, Glue Chip Glass, Bronze Frame, 16"

Moravian Star Pendant Light, Clear Glass, Bronze Frame, 12"

Featured Moravian Star Lights in Tin

Moravian Star Light, Star Pierced Tin, Silver, 18 Moravian Star Light, Flower Pierced Tin, Bronze, 12 Moravian Star Light, Flower Pierced Tin, Bronze with Marbles, 15
15SS 11FB  13FB-M-BG

Moravian Star Light, Star Pierced Tin, Silver, 18"

Moravian Star Light, Flower Pierced Tin, Bronze, 12"

Moravian Star Light, Flower Pierced Tin, Bronze with Marbles, 15

Moravian Star Pendant

Our Moravian Stars can be ordered with a hardwire kit so you can use them as a Moravian star pendent light that allows you to mount it directly to your ceiling box. Please look for the wiring option selection when you purchase your pendant light. If you have a high ceiling and require a special length of wire and chain, just put your requirements in the comment box during checkout or contact us prior to your purchase.

Moravian Star History

A star as part of the symbolism of Christmas must be as old as the festival itself since the Star of Bethlehem figures so prominently in the nativity story. A particular type of hanging star lights that originated in Germany over a hundred years ago caught the fancy of the Moravian church and it has come to be associated with the way the denomination celebrates Christmas.

The Moravian Star is also called the Advent Star or the Herrnhut Star. The first is appropriate because it is used as a hanging star light in the church beginning with the first Sunday in Advent. The second because for a long time the Moravian Star was exclusively manufactured in Herrnhut, Germany.

These days Star Lamp Fixtures and Star Lanterns are mainly made out of tin, glass and paper and are popular as a home decor items through out the year not just during Christmas.

The Artists

Star Lantern and Hanging Star Light Fixtures are nowadays made by artisans in many countries around the world. The most commonly used materials are glass, tin, and paper. The nicest Stars we found so far are made in Mexico. Morocco has a nice tradition of making all kinds of star lanterns as well. We continue working closely with artists in Mexico and plan on expanding our star light fixture selection. We strive to offer you the very best in Moravian star lighting. Star lamps can be used as Christmas Stars or for any time of the year just as a great decorative lamp. Use them as star light pendant lamps or star table lamps, what ever your choice may be.

Please let me share a nice star themed poem with you:

Stars and the Soul by Henry Van Dyke
To Charles A. Young, Astronomer

"Two things," the wise man said, "fill me with awe:
The starry heavens and the moral law."
Nay, add another wonder to thy roll, --
The living marvel of the human soul!

Born in the dust and cradled in the dark,
It feels the fire of an immortal spark,
And learns to read, with patient, searching eyes,
The splendid secret of the unconscious skies.

For God thought Light before He spoke the word;
The darkness understood not, though it heard:
But man looks up to where the planets swim,
And thinks God's thoughts of glory after Him.

What knows the star that guides the sailor's way,
Or lights the lover's bower with liquid ray,
Of toil and passion, danger and distress,
Brave hope, true love, and utter faithfulness?

But human hearts that suffer good and ill,
And hold to virtue with a loyal will,
Adorn the law that rules our mortal strife
With star-surpassing victories of life.

So take our thanks, dear reader of the skies,
Devout astronomer, most humbly wise,
For lessons brighter than the stars can give,
And inward light that helps us all to live.

The world has brought the laurel-leaves to crown
The star-discoverer's name with high renown;
Accept the flower of love we lay with these
For influence sweeter than the Pleiades!

We are glad you have found us at last. You probably searched all over the net for star light fixtures or Moravian star light pendant or maybe even Moravian star chandelier. They are still a hard to find lighting category and even if you go to specialty lighting stores, they usually don't offer much in the variety in the Moravian Star theme. So lucky you landed on where we probably feature the best variety of Moravian Star Light Fixtures on the web at competitive prices. We hope you enjoy these stars as much as we do. Any feedack or questions are appreciated. Feel free to contact us here.